Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have an affiliate program where you can earn up to 50% of the earnings made by Nairabet from those you helped sign up through your affiliate link. The beautiful thing about this is once you sign them up, you will earn commissions on then for life (Terms & Conditions Apply)

** Coming soon...

Some Nairabet customers do not like to bet in shops. They prefer to go online to our website, www.nairabet.com to register and bet.

When they register online, they will need to fund their accounts. You will earn 1.5% everytime you help them fund their online accounts. We will show you how to do it after you sign up.

We pay you on every bet that comes in. You don't need to worry whether people win big or not. Just play for customers and make your money. You are not liable for loses.

We pay up to 30% for some kinds of bets. See the breakdown below.

You can run as many shops as you want. We however advise that you start with ONE. When you master it, you can start with another.
Note, you can only have one management account regardless of the number of shops you operate.

That depends on how hard you work and how you can keep your customers. The more bets you take, the more money you keep for yourself. Some agents make as much as millions every single month. ​Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest and best days to make the most money in commission and bonus. Also extended opening hours helps you take more bets.

It depends on how much you want to start with. It's like buying a car. You can buy a used jalopy for N250,000 or a Rolls Royce for N200,000,000.00. You can use a small shop with your “I Pass My Neighbour) generator or use a massive shop with a 40KVA generator and 5 air conditioners.

But generally, we like to advice that you keep your cost down by making your set up as cheap as possible. When you master the art, you can then spend more.

We do. You can settle customers from the cash you have at hand but if there is a big winning, you will make a cash request which we will pay you as soon as practicable. After you buy your package, you will be taught how accounting and reconciliation are done.

Nairabet pays the corporate licenses, taxes and betting taxes to the relevant government agencies. However, you are required to pay for local taxes like local government levies, signage fees etc.

  • Nairabet is Nigeria's ​first sports betting company. That means we pioneer the industry as you see it today.
  • We have a lot of credibility and a lot of customers have been waiting for us to open in their areas. You can be rest assured that you will get customers as soon as you open.
  • We offer the best commission structure and bonuses in the industry