Have You Heard of Simulated Reality Tennis?

Efforts to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus brought a full-stop to all events, including tennis.

On-going football tournaments were postponed, while Grand Slam tournaments were cancelled.

The reality then is still the reality now.

With resumption dates for various sports being postponed, no one knows when live sporting events will return to our T.V screens. More importantly, no one knows when these events will be available for us to cash out on.

While virtual games have been there to cover for the lack of games, bettors definitely could use more betting options right now.

And that’s why NairaBET is introducing the Simulated Reality Tennis to its platform, just for you.

What is Simulated Reality Tennis?

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog, you probably have an idea of what this is, from your experience with Simulated Reality Football.

However, what if this is your first time seeing anything about simulated reality? What exactly is it?

‘Simulated Reality’ Tennis (or ‘SR-Tennis’ for short), is a unique type of event available for punters to bet on. Powered by artificial intelligence, SR-Tennis gives you, the punter, the chance to bet on Simulated Reality ATP and WTA events, including Grand Slams.

Are you still confused?

Are you wondering, “Doesn’t this sounds like virtual tennis?”

Simulated Reality Tennis is the latest addition to the recently launched Simulated Reality sports on NairaBET. With this, you can engage with all the very best ATP and WTA tournaments across Europe and the UK, including Grand Slams, at the same time the real events were due to take place.

Have you missed betting on events in a Grand Slam? Are you missing the joy of staking on ATP/WTA events?

You can now do so with the Simulated Reality Tennis, which features the very best in live tennis action based on the most comprehensive, real-life data in the market.

Featuring a host of pre-match and live odds and data, Simulated Reality Tennis guarantees you coverage around the clock from now until July.

Now you see why the Simulated Reality Tennis is different from virtual tennis.

How to Bet on Simulated Reality Tennis

Now that you know what it is, how can you and your customers earn money from SR-Tennis?

  1. Pre-Match Betting

In this category, a punter can predict the outcome in an event before the event starts. This includes pre-match odds that feature betting markets like

  • Match Winner
  • Match Total Games
  • 1st Set/Match Winner
  • Total Games (Odd/Even)
  1. Live In-Play

Your customer wants to wait to see how the game will play out before they place their bet?

Simulated Reality Tennis has them covered.

Unlike in virtual tennis, you can bet on the tennis games in SRT as they’re being played.

You can keep track of selected games via NairaBET’s live match tracker or at You will also find the full-time results of SR-Tennis games there too.

Don’t wait for the tennis season to resume before you start betting for your customers. Start your SRT journey today and start cashing out, you and your customers.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below and we’ll reply with our best answers.

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