How Commissions Are Calculated for Agents

Regardless of what people say, bet shops are still central to a Nigerian brand like NairaBET. Since not everyone has phones or access to the USSD channel, the bet shop serves as a way through which everyone can become a winner.

As a NairaBET agent, you’ve probably seen this first-hand. You’ve seen customers walk into your shop, place their games and come back to cash out their earnings. You’ve seen these enough times for anyone to think that the system has only been created to benefit the customers.

But you also know this is not true. As a representative of NairaBET, you know you’re entitled to what is known as commissions — which is something you earn for the work you do as a NairaBET agent.

But do know how commissions are calculated?

Let’s actually talk about that now.

What You Should Know About NairaBET Commissions

When it comes to NairaBET Commissions you should note this: They vary depending on what the customer is placing their bet on. In other words, the commission you earn as an agent depends on the event that your customers are betting on.

If you have 20 customers walk into your bet shop and place bets on football games (whether cup or league games), there is a commission for that. It depends, largely, on the number of selections made on the bet slip.

On days when your bet shop is packed full with customers who want to bet on virtual games, understand that there is a specific commission for that.

How Are Commissions Calculated for Agents?

It’s simple:

1. Prematch (board game)

Commissions on prematch (board game) are calculated based on stake, and paid on a weekly basis. Weekly Commissions are determined by stake and number of selections and ranges from 1% for a single selection to 30% for 30 selections and above on accumulator.

2. Virtuals

The commission on virtual games is on stake and it is paid weekly too.

For Soccer, Cup and League, the percentage of commission depends on the number of selections made by the customer, as outlined in the table below.

No. of selections Commission percentage
1 2%
2-3 4%
4-6 6%
7-10 8%

Therefore, the more games are played, the higher the commission you earn. It’s a win-win situation for all.

However, for bets on other virtual games like horse races, dog races, numbers and all others, the commission is usually at a flat rate of 5%.

3. Virtuals weekly bonus

There is a weekly bonus on virtual sales, which will not be considered in calculating your remuneration.

Please find the calculation below:

4. Bonus computation

Bonus computation is 35% of Total GGR (4 or 5 weeks commission received), as long as N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) stake and 600 bet-count is reached.

These are the 4 ways the commissions you earn as an agent are calculated. With this information in hand, you can now make the most of your business as a NairaBET agent.

Do you have any questions pertaining to being a NairaBET agent? Drop them in the comments section below and we will try to reply with the best answer.

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