How NairaBET Agent Cross Payment Works

In the past, both customers and agents have asked us questions like: “Can I bet in one shop and claim my winnings in another?” “Can I bet online and cash out in a shop?” Etc.

Well, we keep improving the entire NairaBET platform (online and retail/shops) just to ensure we give both agents and customers alike the best experience possible.

While we haven’t yet made the latter possible, the answer to the first question is now: YES!

It was impossible in the past, but with the new Cross Payment concept, a customer can now bet in one shop and claim their winnings in another.

Let’s talk more about this new concept.

What is Cross payment?

Cross payment now allows NairaBET customers to present their Bet slip in ANY NairaBET Shop to claim their winnings, regardless of where the bet was registered.

Cross payment is placing Bets in shop A and paying out that same ticket/bet slip in shop B or C.

How does it work?

Cross payment is pretty straightforward.

After placing Bet in a shop, a ticket containing your bet slip code is given to the customer. The customer can walk into any other NairaBET shop, present the winning ticket and get paid there.

In the same vein, a customer carrying a winning ticket registered in another shop can walk into yours to get paid.

it is that simple — and easy!

Who will get the commission and who will the winnings affect?

Once the bet is placed, the shop that registered the bet will get the weekly commission on the stake on that bet slip.

More so, at the end of the month, the winnings will also affect the shop in which it was registered.

So don’t worry, your customer cashing their ticket out in another shop doesn’t negatively affect your commissions.

Who benefits from Cross payment?

The customer will have less stress trying to claim winnings, since they can claim their winnings from anywhere. They wouldn’t have to compulsorily travel down to a particular shop to claim their winnings, just because the initial betting was done in some far-away shop.

This will also help customers to not miss out on urgent bets, maybe because they’re far away from home, where their preferred bet shops are located. They now know that they can bet in any NairaBET shop and go cash out in their area, when they win.

Finally, to make this work seamlessly, agents will always have access to funds to pay out tickets that were not registered in their shops.

So what do you think about this new feature? Do you like it or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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