NairaBET Agents: Cash Out is Back on The Retail Platform

Cash Out is Back

In today’s blog post, we come bearing great news, both for NairaBET customers and also NairaBET agents. Since 2016, NairaBET has put a smile on the faces of punters by introducing the ‘Cash Out’ feature on the platform.

If you’re hearing the word for the first time, to cash out means you can make money from a bet before the game finishes. Asides that, you can make a request to withdraw your earnings, whether the teams you bet on are winning or losing. The feature works both for bets made before the start of a game and also live bets.

For some time now, the feature has been unavailable on the retail platform. However, in order to serve customers better this new year, we’ve decided to reintroduce the cash out feature. Now that you’ve heard the good news, no dull am this year!

NairaBET’s Cash Out feature still works the same way you know. There are no addition or subtraction from the operations of the feature. For those who have forgotten what it is like – due to not using it for a while now, here’s a quick reminder:

The Cash Out feature on the NairaBET platform enables you, the bettor, to withdraw your winnings before the games in your bet have been played or completed. And there are different ways you can go about your cash out:

  1. Cash Out When You Change Your Mind

    NairaBET’s Cash Out feature will come handy if you have mistakenly added a game to your bet slip. In changing your mind, you can request for a cash out, with which you will get your initial stake, excluding the processing fee of about 10%.

  2. Cash Out Before All Games Have Been Played

    The feature is useful if you have placed and accumulator bet and you want to cash out on the teams that have already won. Imagine eight of the 10 events you predicted have already come through. In this case, you can collect your money before the other two events occur.

  3. Cash Out with the Game Still in Play

    Let’s assume you bet on Manchester City to win (a pre-match bet) and when the game starts, Man. City concedes the game’s first goal. With the NairaBET Cash Out feature, you can cash out from this game. The amount that can be withdrawn will keep changing as the game progresses.

As you get ready to use this feature this weekend, be reminded that it is only available for use on the top five European leagues, the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League, and the Euros. In addition, the feature is available only on 1X2 games. You can learn more about this feature here.

Who else is excited to hear this? Let’s hear you in the comments section.

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