How to Help Your Customers Cash Out from NairaBET Pool Betting

At NairaBET, we’re all about giving the customers options. And in our usual tradition to always ensure customer satisfaction, we’re introducing a new feature.

It’s called NairaBET Pool Betting.

In a bid to help you understand how it works, we’ve created this guide for you. It will help you to understand how it works, positioning you to help the customers cashing out from it

What is NairaBET Pool Betting?

Pool betting allows customers to select draw option from a pool of fixtures featuring 49 events. The minimum number of selections an agent can select for a customer is 4, with the maximum being 49. In other words, customers can only predict a draw outcome for football games between the range of 4 – 49.

How Are Fixtures Generated?

With most football games still on hold, how is the pool of fixtures generated?

The fixtures will be extracted from the SRLeague on the agent site. Out of the events available on SRL for a particular game week (preferably weekend), 49 events will be selected with the odds for draws attached to them.

These games will then be numbered 1 to 49 with their different odds and game codes provided. Agents will then make them available for customers to make their preferred bets.

Agents are expected to download NairaBET Pool Fixtures and display in their shops for customers to place bet on.

How Are Pool Bets Placed?

Customers are expected to select a minimum of 4 events and a maximum of 49 events. Game selection is done by writing down preferred numbers.

For example, a customer can pick 5, 22, 47, 35, 19, 31.

Each of those numbers will have a specific game attached to it.

To place their bets, customers must write out their preferred numbers (which describes the games they want to bet on). Once done, agents will use the codes attached to those numbers to place the bet only on a draw outcome.

Customers can either place an accumulator bet or a combination bet of 4 folds.

Finally, the draws for the pool will be released by 9am on Mondays.

Best Pool Betting Option

The NairaBET Pool Betting gives customers access to the highest odds available for draw options. And that’s what makes it the preferred pool option for them.

Other brands that do pool betting have a fixed range for their odds, specifically between 2.78 – 3.00. On the other hand, NairaBET offers as high as 6.00 odds, depending on the specific event.

Do you have any questions about this feature? Drop them in the comments section and we will address them.

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