Earn More This Season by Betting on the SR-League and FIFA 2020 Games

Some bettors are still thinking there’s nothing to bet on, with most major leagues on hold.

You’ve probably seen them stroll into your bet shop a handful of times, heading straight for the virtual games. Chances are that they do not even know about the SR-League and the FIFA 2020 tournament.

As their trusted NairaBET shop agent, this is your chance to help them out of their misery. With all the commissions involved, best believe that this one will be a win-win for you and your customers.

There will also be customers who may have heard about both the SR-League or FIFA 2020 games and need clarity. It’s time for you to help them understand more about these things by getting familiar with them yourself.


The ‘Simulated Reality’ League (or ‘SR-League’ for short), is a unique type of event available for punters to bet on. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence and gives the punter to bet on the remaining fixtures of major European football leagues.

SR-League, however, is much more than virtual football.

The available computer-simulated games are created based on the historic data of over 50,000 games (played in real life). So, unlike virtual football which is a completely fictitious and random game, SR-League is a sports betting experience that is as close to real-life as possible.

Unlike virtual games that last for five minutes, games in the Simulated Reality League take the regular football match format of two 45-minute halves.

The names of the tournament will indicate that these matches are simulated, and not real life. However, the difference will be made clear with the comprehensive pre-match and live odds which will be made available to you, making your betting experience as close to the real thing as possible.

Your customers can bet on either Pre-Match Odds (before the games kick-off) or Live Odds (while the games are being played). Your customers have over 50+ betting markets to choose from, including:

➔ Match Odds

➔ Next Goal

➔ Both Teams To Score

➔ Over / Under

➔ Correct Score

➔ and many, many more…

Your customers can keep track of their selected games via NairaBET’s live match tracker or at SofaScore.

FIFA 2020

With the COVID-19 break, clubs had to improvise to keep their fans entertained. And one of the things they came up with was the FIFA 2020 tournament, also known as the FIFA Ultimate QuaranTeam.

This is world teams (clubs) playing the FIFA 20 game against each other, in a knockout tournament, till we have a final winner.

What started as an act of charity by a single club, Leyton Orient, to raise funds to contribute in their little way to worthy causes, including fighting the COVID-19 Virus, has now become a full-blown tournament of 128 participating teams!

Each participating club chooses a player to represent them in the FIFA 20 tournament — some players are actual team members (like Crystal Palace winger Andros Townsend), while others pick out fans or e-sports fanatics to represent their badge.

Two editions of the tournament have now been played, producing winners like James Maddison of Leicester City and Diogo Jota of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Each game, however, lasts 12 minutes — 6 minutes for each half.

Your customers can watch teams play against each other live on Twitch TV ( They can also check their favorite clubs’ official website or Twitter account to see if they’re providing a stream. Also, they can track scores live via Livescore.

To help them bet on their favorite teams on NairaBET, simply click on the “Football” tab, then click on “Electronic Leagues”, then you’ll see “FIFA 2020”. Click on this and you’ll see games you can bet on for the day.

Click on their chosen game and you’ll see the available betting options.

P.S.: As you can see, NairaBET isn’t the one hosting the FIFA 20 Electronic Leagues, and neither do we determine the scores. It’s hosted by EA Sports in collaboration with FIFA and the participating clubs.

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