Understanding the Different Bet Types in Virtual Betting

When customers think of NairaBET’s virtual games, the first thing that comes to their minds is the bet shop.

It’s therefore no wonder that most bettors prefer betting on these games in bet shops, despite its availability on the website.

For some, it’s all about the thrill of arguing about selected games with other bettors. For others, they’re old school: They like the feel of holding their bet tickets and exchanging for cash on the spot once their ticket ‘enters.’

You’ve probably seen all of these countless times.

Most likely, you’ve also seen customers who want to try out new bet types every now and then.

If you struggled to explain these bet types to them, then today’s blog post is for you. We will be touching on the different bet types when to comes to NairaBET virtual betting.

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Different Bet Types in Virtual Betting

1. Singles

A single is a bet on an individual event. The chances of winning usually vary, depending on the number of possible outcomes for the event.

In virtual football for instance, NairaBET offers three possible outcomes for the game: 1, X or 2 (home win, draw or away win). There are other markets like the Correct Score, Number of Goals, etc.

In virtual tennis games, customers can predict the winner of a specific game. The same also applies to dog racing.

2. Doubles and Trebles

This bet type gives your customers the chance to predict the outcome of more than one event.

For double bets, the customer stakes their money on two different events. This can be done in all available virtual games.

As for treble, it is three different events. For customers to win such bets, they have to correctly predict the outcome of all chosen events. That means that even if they don’t successfully predict the outcome of one of the events, they will still lose the bet.

Many punters prefer these types of bet because they come with higher odds (the odds for every event in double or treble is summed) and variety of options.

3. Accumulator

Accumulator bets, also known as combo bets are bets placed on at least two events. This means Double and Treble bets are accumulator bets.

However, there’s more.

A bet with four selections is known as a Four-fold Accumulator. A bet slip with five events is called five-fold. And the list goes on.

Combo bets can be made out of standard bets (win/draw/loss) as well as other types of bet combinations in virtual betting — under/over, draw no bet. It is also available to use across all the games available on virtual betting.

4. Forecasts

In this type of bet, the customer has to predict the correct order in which the competitors will finish the race. As you may have guessed, these kind of bets are mainly used in virtual races — horse and dog racing.

Note that all places must be predicted in a correct order, otherwise the bet is lost. An example is the tricast in NairaBET’s virtual horse racing.

5. Special Bets

Special bets, also called novelty bets, are type of bets that are much different from the rest.

In virtual football, for example, there are various types of special bets, including:

  • Total Number of Goals to be Scored in a MatchDay
  • Number of Draws in a MatchDay
  • Total Goals (both for the Home and Away Teams)
  • Season Winner

Become the preferred bet shop agent in your area by using this knowledge to help your customers cash out from virtual betting.

If you’re having any challenges as regards bet types in virtual betting, drop a comment below and we’ll reply with the best possible answer.

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