You Can Now Bet on Teams in the FIFA 2020 Electronic Leagues on NairaBET

No thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, football as we know it is currently on break…with no idea when this would actually end and things would return back to normal.

But trust the world of sports to not totally hibernate in waiting for this trying period to pass; clubs are taking a new dimension in giving fans what they love: football!

Even though we don’t get to see our favourite teams and players ply their trade by foot on the green pitch, we can now watch our favourite teams still compete against each other in an unprecedented but fun way: FIFA Ultimate QuaranTeam.

This is world teams (clubs) playing the FIFA 20 game against each other, in a knockout tournament, till we have a final winner.

Crazy, yea?

What started as an act of charity by a single club, Leyton Orient, to raise funds to contribute in their own little way to worthy causes, including fighting the COVID-19 Virus, has now become a full-blown tournament of 128 participating teams!

The fact that we’ll now have some sporting fun isn’t the best news here; for you, the better news is that you can now cash out from this tournament.

How Can You Bet on the FIFA 2020 Electronic Leagues?

Each participating club has chosen a player to represent them in the FIFA 20 tournament — some players are actual team members (like Crystal Palace winger Andros Townsend), while others have picked out fans or e-sports fanatics to represent their badge.

So all you have to do is back your favourite team in the daily live games, just as in normal football betting.

Each game however lasts 12 minutes — 6 minutes for each half.

You can watch teams play against each other live on Twitch TV ( You can also check your favourite clubs’ official website or Twitter account to see if they’re providing a stream.

You can track scores live via Livescore. Simply go to Homepage => International => FIFA 20

And to bet on your favourite teams on NairaBET, you simply click on the “Football” tab, then click on “Electronic Leagues”, then you’ll see “FIFA 2020”. Click on this and you’ll see games you can bet on for the day.

Simply click on the game of your choice and you’ll see the available betting options.

Just like any other normal betting, choose your games to add them to your betslip, add your stake then place your bet.

Now you have no reason to sit at home bored without any footballing action. Simply participate in the FIFA 2020 Electronic Leagues. This way you can:

  • Enjoy some club football action
  • Do some charity, AND
  • Make some betting money!

If you have any questions about betting in the FIFA 2020 Electronic Leagues on NairaBET, please drop them in the comments and we’ll answer them.

P.S.: Here’s an explainer video on our Twitter to show you how to find the FIFA 20 Electronic Leagues on NairaBET:

P.P.S: As you can see, NairaBET isn’t the one hosting the FIFA 20 Electronic Leagues, and neither do we determine the scores. It’s hosted by EA Sports in collaboration with FIFA and the participating clubs.

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